Providing Peace of Mind in a Fire


With high levels of scrutiny being placed on building facades, the MPA commissioned the Fire Protection Association to undertake a fire test to demonstrate the performance, robustness and peace of mind which can be delivered by non-combustible concrete cladding systems. Learn more about why using concrete to protect against fire is a responsible design decision, providing long term resilience to the places we live and work in.


Published: 2023



Ribblesdale's World First


A world first technology demonstration project by the Mineral Products Association and Hanson UK has successfully seen a UK cement kiln operated using a net zero fuel mix including hydrogen for the very first time. Learn more about this exciting ground-breaking trial including what it means for helping the UK concrete and cement industry towards achieving its ambitious climate change objectives.


Published: 2022



Our roadmap to beyond net zero explained


The UK concrete and cement industry has developed a roadmap to beyond net zero by 2050 - removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits each year.


Published: 2021



Concrete and Carbon


Concrete is part of the solution towards creating a net zero carbon society. Learn more about the significant progress the industry is making to lower concrete’s carbon footprint through innovation and the outstanding sustainable buildings being constructed with the material.


Published: 2020



Capturing CO2


Carbonation is the process by which concrete absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The natural process of concrete absorbing carbon is essentially a reversal of the process that occurs when making cement. Carbonation is a slow and continuous process that progresses from the outer surface moving inwards.


Published: 2020



Reducing Energy in Clinker Production


The UK concrete industry has reduced the carbon dioxide emissions per tonne of concrete by 30%. Decarbonising cement and concrete has been a focus for over 30 years, with the UK cement sector reporting on its efforts since the Kyoto protocol in 1990.


Published: 2020



Properties: Thermal Insulation & Ultra-High Strength Concrete


Exploring new and innovative possibilities with concrete. Did you know that the properties of concrete can be designed to be ultra-high strength - saving materials. 



Published: 2020



The Concrete Centre - Thermal Mass, AKT II, Bennetts Associates & Arup


Thermal mass in concrete and masonry can help us to tackle the challenges of a changing climate. We've been working with AKT II, Arup and Bennetts Associates to bring this essential technical concept to life. The result is pretty cool.


Published: 2018



The Concrete Centre - Tall Buildings, Martin Gettings, Canary Wharf Group


Durability and sustainability are closely linked. We spoke with Martin Gettings, head of sustainability at Canary Wharf Group, about how concrete is helping to create buildings strong enough to be repurposed time and time again.


Published: 2018



The Concrete Centre - V&A Dundee, Maurizio Mucciola, Architects


It's been called 'an instant design classic' and Dundee's 'Bilbao moment' and we have to agree - the new V&A Dundee is beautiful.  


Published: 2018



The Concrete Centre - Overheating, Lynne Sullivan, Good Home Alliance


How can we comfortably live in our warmer climate, where overheating is a real risk? Find out more from Lynne Sullivan - Architect and Chair, Good Home Alliance. 


Published: 2018