Concrete thinking: innovating for the future

We need more homes, renewable energy and improved infrastructure to meet the future needs of our society. The UK concrete industry is continually innovating and meeting these challenges by researching and developing materials that allow us to build faster, more cost effectively and with a lower carbon footprint.

This has helped concrete to become stronger and more adaptable, to reduce its carbon footprint and to embrace the digital technology that is revolutionising the way structures are built.

Technological advances such as low carbon cement and concrete, 3D printing, offsite and automated manufacturing are unlocking new ways of using concrete to deliver critical new buildings and infrastructure.

It’s also important to consider that there isn’t just one kind of concrete, but many different types that are constantly being refined and improved.  These have been designed to address specific challenges, from sustainability and super-strength to coloured concretes that provide highly aesthetic finishes. 

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