Creating new possibilities

Every great building and iconic structure begins with an idea.  For centuries, concrete’s unrivalled strength and versatility have helped leading architects and engineers bring their visions to life that could not be completed in any other material. 

From the Colosseum to the Sydney Opera House and the Hoover Dam, concrete has delivered some of the most amazingly complex manmade structures throughout history. 

Now, a new generation of grand designs is showcasing concrete’s ability to realise beautiful, technically smart creations. These high-quality, contemporary concrete environments also promote health and wellbeing for occupants. Buildings made better with concrete range from high-end offices using its thermal efficiency to keep buildings cool in summer to sound-dampened apartments that improve quality of life.

With an almost unlimited palette of colour, texture and form, the only limit to what can be achieved with concrete is creativity.

Case study: Keeping cosy in Clapham: discovering DSDHA’s Covert House

We discover DSDHA’s Covert House